Let's see how people like me when I am honest.I'm that girl with the broken heart the one that wears a sweater in the heat to hide the scars the girl that skips a meal to be skinny I work out till I past out.I love doctor who and Star Trek. I am bipolar with D.I.D If you don't know please look it up.I am a mother and I love my son more then anything or anyone in the world


Flappy bird review

In a 14 hour road trip I played this damn game and never got more then 9freaking points. This game pushed me to the point where I lost a burrito in my car that never existed. For an hour and a half I looked for a burrito I never had. All while my girlfriend drove and laughed at me trying to find this burrito this game drove me to madness. By the way has anyone seen my son?